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wake me, I want to see the daylight- save me from this half-life

Weeeell, you know that feeling where you feel strongly about something/someone, but you really can't do anything about it...and all you can do is wonder about what could have been...

It's a burning feeling. And when there's nothing you can do to change the situation and nothing you can do to change your feelings....you just have to let it burn.

I get that song now


Ok, I really my home ec class now. I really truly feel violated and stuff...like, ok at the beginning the tickling was ok, because it was just tickling right? But now it's all these guys touching me and stuff...just on my stomach and shoulders and legs and not in a really ual way....but when there's a lot of them doing it at one time it makes me uneasy. And so I hit them and move away and yell and ask politely and I've tried everything and the teacher even knows but I don't think she takes it seriously and.....I don't know. Am I freaking out for no reason?? Probably. Of course. I just have something about people touching me.. I guess. probably because I'm so effing ticklish or whatever.


So I'm going out with my church again this weekend on the family campout (joy) but it's gonna be a lot less fun because nobody's going to be there except Brandon but i'm thinking he might be a little irritated with me, but I'll clear that up tonight when I go to Wed. night church. Sheesh it's like I live at church or something....


Motherfreaking AAAAHHH I cannot stand this computer...it keeps freezing up on me and shutting down. I'm asking for my own computer for Christmas and nothing else. What can my parents do then? They're still pretending Santa Claus is real for the sake of my littlest sister Aubrey. A real Santa wouldn't ignore an little 's only wish.

Yeah ok...it sounds stupid but I personally think it's a fab idea. Actually I just really wanted to use the word 'fab'.


Chris is flirting with me again. Like it's weird and stuff. But I think all Chris-es (i'm trying to go plural here) are bad news. (actually almost....I know this one guy named Chris and he's a sweetie) It's like a curse though....Kayla went out with a Chris who was a loser, Sarah went out with a Chris who was also a loser....a guy named Chris liked Keslie (or something like that?) and this creepy stalker guy named Chris was stalking Jenny a while back.

Weird. And also (yeah, I know you care so much about this subject, right) I just reread this short story-ish type thing I wrote a year ago about this getting d......and just GUESS what the guy's name was??? Yeah, it was eerie. Like a premonition about Chrises and stuff.

Sorry to all the people named Chris that I might have just offended


LUV ya
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