spin a little faster (luvn0him) wrote,
spin a little faster

just dont

I'm sick and tired of people telling me who I am

I'm a PREP if I wear PINK

I'm a goth if I wear black

I can't be punk if I like Ashlee Simpson

I can't be prep if I like Taking Back Sunday

I'm a poser if I wear the wrong thing oR liStEn To ThE wRoNg MuSiC

I'm a loser if I read

I'm a s l u t if I wear a tHoNg

I'm a freak if I speak my mind

I'm a nerd if I'm smart

I'm stupid if I'm a just little spacey sometimes

I'm emo

I'm quiet

I'm weird

I'm loud

I'm an airhead

I'm normal

I'm popular

I AM what I am and I can BE what I want. You can't tell me otherwise. 

I dOn'T wAnT tO bE lAbELeD

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