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Hey you- you turn your back on your children...

Ok, so I'm an f'n liar, I admit it. This post doesn't have any point except that I L-U-V the song 'Giving it All Away' it's by Ashlee and even if you aren't into the whole poppy punk thing- buy it anyway cause it's AWESOME I swear...xoxo

"Slow down, just look a little closer
you might find that it's not the end
you wonder how your life could get better
When you're alone you just tear yourself down
Giving it all
giving it all away
You're just giving it all
giving it all away
Hey hey heyeyeyeyey"

it's so cool how she says the 'hey'

My pointful entry will prolly be next, but I can't make any guarentees because it's sort of hard for me to write...I've written more than half. friends only, biotch;D

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