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MY INTERNET!!!!! IT'S FIXED!!!  god loves me again...

I've been at jk's site.  New book 6 clue...

He looked rather like an old lion.  There were streaks of grey in his mane of tawny hair and his bushy eyebrows; he had keen, yellowish eyes behind a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles and a certain rangy, loping grace even though he walked with a slight limp.


And ok, on a serious note....hmmm...serious...thinking...EURIKA!  I have an eating disorder.  I mean not a real one, but one inside my head.  I hadn't eaten for A WHOLE EFFING DAY until I got home...and I still wasn't hungry- but I forced myself to eat because I knew it's not natural to go 24 hours and not be hungry.

So I was tryin to find my 1st class today that I had NOT been to yet (yeah, it's weird- middle of the week and I still hadn't been there) and I couldn't effing find it!!!  That was a first for me- I have NEVER not been able to find my class before the bell.  And so here I was, walking down the hall, so very lost, thinking 'Pssht, thanks a lot God- what a help you are....no wait, just kidding- don't hurt me! I didn't mean it!...  But still, you could help me out a little...Jesus Christ'...'   And so this girl walks up, and she's late, but she stops and goes: "What class are you looking for?" and she FOUND MY HALL FOR ME???  How awesome is that?  I loved her so much at that moment, I coulda been lesbian.  And then I was like "HEY!  MAYBE THAT WAS AN ANGEL!!"  But then I saw her later talking to somebody else, so I'm thinking that's a no.

Just went on a commenting spree.  BE HAPPY!!!

OH MY EFFING GOD!!!!!  My mom is SUCH a %$!@&#!!!!  She comes in here and I minimized this because it's none of her effing business what's in my effing journal and she says 'I read blahblahblah about parents who spy on their kids and if your teen shuts down what they're doing when you walk in the room and hang over their damn shoulder it difinitely means they're on porno or something, so you should disconnect their computer and lock them in their room forever....she probably thinks I'm buying drugs on Ebay or whatever...she has a problem with thinking I'm on drugs 24/7.  It would be funny if it were ANYONE BUT ME!!!

Last of all:  I'd really like to apologize for my last entry.  I'm not forcing you to sing the washa song.  I blame it all on the sugar. 

I really feel like typing everything in all caps.  Dunno why.  SUGAR??????????

It's so.....quiet.  Why does no one comment?  Not even the people on my friends list...

Do you realize just how desperate and needy that made me seem?  Of course you do, unless you're Chinese and can't read english or something...

Now I feel paranoid that my mom's gonna go through my history and read my journal. 

Mom, if you're reading this...WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM???  This is my business, not yours.  Back away slowly and no one will get hurt.

-Sorry if I sound a bit biotchy, but that's just how it is-


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